Getting Back Into Journaling, The Stress That’s Been On My Mind & Strategizing Scalable YouTube Content.

August 2, 2022, 3AM ET

Alright, this is me writing. I wanted to return to journaling. I wanted to be able to better express myself on the page more consistently. I look back and it’s been months since the last entry. I’ve prioritized too many other things.

That’s the thing with me. I can’t stay still or steady. I can’t do the same thing over and over again. I want to. I really do. I know that the results yield with repetition, but it overwhelms me to do that.

(Hercules is dreaming)

We were suppose to have the baby yesterday. Lux Luca. We were at mission all day and got sent home after shift change. Laura and I were both pretty pissed.

I filmed her with two cameras. SL3 and SX740 HS. I find there are so many different ways to create films. So many styles I’ve developed. I’m still finding a place to it all. For everything.

One day I’m confident, the next, I’m depressed.


Some days I just want to take down all of my work from the internet. The next I want to better organize it for the algorithm to find. Why can’t I stop questioning everything.

I did see results, a curve start to happen when I updated the last 10 videos I created with good thumbnails, searchable titles and less competitive keywords.

My Mac is running out of storage. My bookbag is too heavy. These are all signs of elimination, not addition.

I stated to watch my cringe old vlogs. I wanted to see what the allure to others that have supported my journey is. I can kind of see it. Not entirely yet, but kind of.

(This hoodie is choking me)

I really admire the work that Kraig Adams has produced. I really miss watching Casey Neistat’s vlogs everyday. I try to emulate and fail.

(Dog’s dream has subsided)

It’s so meta recording your thoughts.

Anyways, I figured out how to make corporate videos that aren’t insanely boring. I was able to get laughs and giggles out of the last training video I did by adding a lot of humor in text. I’ll definitely be keeping that.

The problem I’m consistently having right now is the editing time. I LOVE editing, but I don’t have enough time to finish an edit. I know that if I just kept chipping away at a film every day. Being okay with one video a week, I’d be JUST FINE.

But that’s not how my brain works. It moves on too quickly and cares a lot of about forward momentum. It’s kind of like riding a bike up a very slight hill. It’s a little hard to get started, but if you keep peddling, it’s not too crazy. But if you stop at all, not only are you exhausted from the previous peddle, it’s harder to do that initial burst again. Stop 5 times and you’re ready to go back down the hill and say fuck it all.

(King and Laura are snoring)

There are a few ways I can see myself kicking this.

Make shorter content that can be edited quickly. EG #shorts MF.

They’re get the same amount of reach (if not more). This does mean I have then make the decision as well to turn my camera or primary shoot on my phone when in this mode.


Types of common film formats:






Which of theses pull your interest?

All of them.

If you had to pick 2 Willllllll

Vlogs and Documentaries.

Okay, that didn’t help.

(My brain hurts)

What are you good at?

I’m pretty good at making one take content. Like turn on the camera and let’s chat.

How can that be valuable for your audience? Answering questions in specific niche.

Okay, what is that?

Vlogging Q&A

Camera Q&A

Editing Q&A

So everything film related.

Sooooooo, everything trending in the film space?

Like thoughts on X movie coming out.

Or thoughts on X show?

Breakdown of X vlogger’s vlog

That’s definitely scalable.

Playlist could be called YouTube breakdowns. Literally sit down after watching a really dope vlog and try to dissect why it was so engaging. There are limitless good videos.

(Our timer went off)

So to summarize, a mix of

Trending YouTube, TV & Film shows/topics

Will Vlogs with film tutorial breakdowns at the end.

And gear talk and reviews.

(All of the above is tentative on feels)

I don’t think anything in this is too intimately private, so to Medium you go.



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