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How I Became an All-In-One Web Developer & Graphic Designer

How I became a Creative Director

I never thought I’d become a web developer. Or a graphic designer. What I did realize, at a very young age, was my passion for art. I loved drawing. To be honest, I loved copying everything my older brother did. How annoying, right?

Throughout high school, I devoured every art course offered. Art I to Art IV AP. I scored a 4 out of 5 on my College Board AP portfolio while my subordinates scored average. Although my art was good, there was something unsettling in my stomach. A question that haunts every junior and senior: getting ready for college. What are you going to major in?

I was smart enough to know that, though I loved art, making a career selling paintings on the street wasn’t my picture of the American dream. I decided, like many I know, I’d wing it. And wing it I did. I took general education classes until I stumbled upon a graphic design class. Immediately, I felt like I’d found the place I’d been wandering towards since my days of annoying my older brother.

Turns out, I excelled at graphic design. I took a college course on branding, and that’s all it took to ignite my passion. I loved every bit of it. Branding and identity. Creating advertisements and business cards.

And so I was ready for the world. Or so I thought. I knew I needed a digital portfolio. A place online for potential clients to see my work. I needed a website. And I had no idea how to create one…

I thought, it couldn’t be too hard. I already knew how to design, so that was half the battle. Boy was I wrong - partly.

The problem with knowing how to design, but not for the web is that you have really unrealistic expectations. Almost like designing a bridge that goes in a loop (because that’s cool), but not thinking about what it would take to make it work. Or even if it’s logical. I found this out when I attempted to take my image rich website to a web developer. He couldn’t turn what I’d dreamt into a working website (which wasn’t entirely his fault), so I decided I’d learn how to do it myself.

It took hard work and dedication to learn the basics (and a rude awakening of what was and wasn’t possible on the web). To be honest, learning advanced HTML and CSS was very humbling. With design, you design with a purpose, an end goal. With web development, the same applies. It must be functional. And then after it functions, it should be beautiful. Before long, I’d become a master of CSS and released my first functioning portfolio.

I felt I had found my niche: to help each business owner develop the perfect logo, graphics, and website design to make his or her unique brand successful. My studies didn’t stop there, however I realized I knew how to design wonderful logos and websites, but I couldn’t create a secure website and shopping cart from scratch.I decided to learn.

My “simple” decision turned into many years of intensive study on Web code languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, UX design, and more.

Still later, I realized I needed to learn how to make an online store both functional and secure for the customers and business owner. I went on to learn more, including Wordpress, Magento and Drupal.

Possessing so many skills on my own allows me to be more nimble than some companies with multiple team members juggling many projects at once. I can translate a business owner’s dream website into reality quickly and more cost-effectively than most companies.

One of my specialties is making a responsive website that automatically resizes for mobile devices while looking great and functioning perfectly. This mobile function is vital today. I like to use the analogy that building a website is similar to building a house, as many skills are involved in both. Building a house involves land developers, architects, foundation experts, builders, plumbers, electricians, roofers, flooring experts, painters, landscapers, and designers. Few people possess all the skills necessary to successfully build a house from start to finish. Fortunately, when it comes to professional logo and brand development, website design, responsiveness, and e-commerce functionality — I can deliver.

So here’s a pitch if you want it and are in the market.

You deserve honest. I’m entirely different - in the best way. You won’t have to hassle with sketchy, scammy, or crooked here.You’ll be able to focus on learning and growing your business. Rather than preparing for the worst. Even better, you’ll be able to talk about your business, not politics. Unless of course, that’s your business. Yep, transparent.

If you need a website, please don’t hesitate to DM on FB or Instagram. @heywillmosley.

Please note. I only take weekend projects and am very happy at my 8–5 (New Human). We’ll work best if you need a website or ecommerce build that can be accomplished same day (on Saturday).



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