Misconceptions of Promotions & Sales

There’s A LOT of confusion about how sales, marketing and branding actually work. Most see it through a very narrow lens. How can this one promotion make me X sales? And that’s absolutely the wrong way to think about it. In this podcast, I debunk this way of thinking.

At its simplest, let’s say you follow Mark on Facebook or instagram or wherever it is that you wander the internet. You really enjoy the things that Mark puts out. He puts out things about his family, thoughts about tennis and his love for scuba diving. Now Mark also fixes dishwashers. A lot of times he’ll post help tips on how to fix your dishwasher if it’s ever broken.


Now here’s the beautiful thing about all of this. Everything that Mark stands for or puts out on his social is his BRAND. (Brand is everything) It’s not just about pretty colors or saying you want to have the world’s best customer service. It’s simply everything that you stand for. Working out, staying up late, drinking coffee, fixing dishwashers. Everything. You don’t have to fake brand, it’s just who you are and what you stand for.


Everyone is scared of the word, but marketing is literally Mark fixes dishwashers. That’s it. You don’t need to trick people with content to tell them that you have something to offer. You just say it randomly, without expectation. Like now:

Websites are the worst. Let me do them for you. Get a quote at heywillmosley.com.

There’s a HUGE difference between me writing this whole post to get you to click that link and me just trying to give good valuable content/information and not be tricky with my ask. If you need a website and you vibe with me, the rest will happen. Like our example with Mark. If you love what he puts out (brand) and one day your dishwasher breaks, the first person you’re going to think of is someone you trust or know — “Oh yeah, Mark fixes dishwashers, I like him.”


Which brings us to SALES. Sales is actually the easiest of all if you are in it for brand and not short term transactions. I love getting paid just like everyone else, but what I love more is the love and admiration of someone truly getting value from my content. When someone really vibes with you AND you have a great product that they need, when the time is right, they will come to you. You don’t have to convince other people that they need your dishwasher repair services, they’ll already be ready.

Now the last part which is extremely important is after a sale, you don’t think of the cash, you think of how you can supply the best product you can. When that happens, they’re happy and Word of Mouth happens. It’s not fast and quick, but it’s exponential in love and loyalty when your branding, marketing and sales are done right.



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Will Mosley

Will Mosley

I make eCommerce stores & marketing materials for small businesses. Portfolio & Resume — heywillmosley.com